We take seriously your trust in taking care of your beloved pet, our vets keen to see the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment to provide the best means of health care for our customers

 Full examination

 Because always prevention is better than cure and to provide a healthy long life for your pets, God willing, the periodic examination is important to reassure its healthy and to detect any disease early

Veterinary Surgeries

If your pet needs a routine or emergency operations ,we have equipped the clinic with sterile operation room with the latest equipment for greater accuracy and sterilization to prevent any infection, as well the veterinarians and assistants have high experience to maintain each patient comfort and clean operation

Routine immunization programs

Its important to stick on your pet’s vaccinations schedule to preserve health  of your beloved pet, as the viral diseases are often fatal although if treated have very poor prognosis. so we recommend that you always maintain vaccinations updated

Preventive programs

Preventive programs against internal and external parasites If your pet needs treatment or prevention of internal parasites (worms) or external (fleas in cats and ticks in dogs), we provide preventing programs to maintain the health and vitality of animal and prevent any harm to their health.

Dental care
Attention to cats and dogs dental hygiene are not just for better breath smell, but also to protect them from any bacterial infections that enters through the inflamed and infected gums and infect other organs of the body, its enough to know that a good Dental care for cats and dogs prolong their age for three to five years
Radiology and ultrasound
clinic equipped with Ultrasound and X-Ray to give our doctors ability for more accurate diagnosis to treat your pets properly
Veterinary Laboratory
If your pets needs any further diagnosis, our laboratory equipped for any blood tests needed


Pets Boarding
Due to our understanding that the boarding for pets  must be equipped and comfortable, our boarding facility was updated in 2013 with clean large cages and a play room for cats to meet your ambition in a comfort area for your pet whenever you cant keep them with you
Nutritional Tips
Because good nutrition means a healthy active pet, on the reverse poor nutrition, we are pleased to guide you through the proper diet for your pet and help you choose the type of food that fits with them.
Grooming Services
We are pleased to provide a comprehensive grooming services such as bathing and hair clipping at the discretion of  clients or any other service requested by our valued customers.

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We are honored to give us a visit to see the clinic and its facilities, if you see that we deserve the honor of taking care of your pet, please do not hesitate to contact one of our veterinarians for any further questions.

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