Al-Hamra Pet Care Clinics is considered one of the oldest and oldest veterinary clinics in Jeddah. Dr. Ahmad Al-Shibini established it in 1984 AD, and since then the clinic has witnessed many developments at the medical and construction level, the last of which was in 2013, which was supervised by Dr. Walid Al-Shibiny to keep pace with the latest systems The global endeavour to provide the highest standards of health care for pets.

And it has been expanded:
- Adding a second room for detection and treatment to save time for our valued customers and for the convenience of animals.
A specialized veterinary laboratory for an accurate diagnosis.
Updating the radiology and sonar devices.
Modernization of the surgical room for more sterilization and care for the health of animals.
- The establishment of hotel rooms for cats characterized by the high cleanliness and breadth of the place and includes a games room for cats for their comfort and reassurance while they are far from their owners.
- The clinic supports continuous training and sending doctors abroad to learn about the latest technologies and methods of veterinary treatment.
The clinic team consists of 4 veterinarians and 3 assistants, and we have a vision for further expansion in the future, God willing.